The responses to these questions were edited for length and clarity by the Georgia Decides team. Each candidate was allotted 150 words for each answer and some answers were trimmed in order to abide by that length requirement. Other edits were made to make sure readers can fully follow and understand the candidate responses.

Campaigning for: US Senator

What role should government have in the lives of Georgians? How would you apply that philosophy to the job you are seeking?

Government should have as little control over our lives as possible while still securing liberty and the inherent freedom of all people.

If you are elected (or re-elected), what problems will you spend the most time solving and why?

Breaking the partisan logjam of the US Senate and getting the institution back on track actually legislating.

Georgia is a politically diverse state. How will you work to represent Georgians whose political views differ from your own?

I will always listen to the diverse views of the state and at all times remember that I serve them. I will defend their rights and inherent liberty. I am not elected to push my morality or way of life.

Who has been the biggest influence on how you view state government and politics? What have you learned from this person?

John Monds (former Libertarian candidate for Georgia governor in 2010). He always taught me that sometimes we have to be a bit radical when defending such radical ideas as liberty and freedom.

Georgia has a lot to offer current and potential residents, but many parts of the state are becoming increasingly unaffordable. Please explain your proposed approach to address housing affordability through federal legislation and executive actions?

Remove unneeded zoning and allow more affordable housing to be built where people are living.

Politics is often about compromise. How do you decide when to compromise and take small, incremental wins, and when to refuse compromise?

I am always open to compromise, so long as essential principles remain in place. Chief among these is inherent human liberty. If we aren’t going in that direction, it’s not a compromise I’m willing to entertain.

There were politicians who questioned the outcomes of Georgia elections in 2018 and 2020. Do you think Georgia’s elections are secure and will you stand by the results?

Yes. I believe the outcomes of the elections were correct.

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, state law and local enforcement authority will determine access to abortion. If elected, how will you use your authority in the U.S. Senate to influence abortion access or enforcement of abortion restrictions?

I would seek to legislate and codify Roe and Casey (court rulings on abortion). I am a pro-choice candidate.

The U.S. Senate often votes along party lines. When will you see bipartisan action and which issues merit such consensus?

I hope to help bring consensus around immigration, balancing the budget, supporting peaceful diplomacy and ending war. And, of course, strict oversight of taxpayer money.