Surprising nearly no one, a report by online rental marketplace Apartment List has found rent prices in metro Atlanta are still on the rise.

Published earlier this month, the report found that rent prices in Atlanta have climbed by 1.8 percent since last October, clocking median monthly prices for a one-bedroom at $1,047 and $1,210 for a two-bedroom residence.

That growth is slightly outpaced by the statewide uptick of 1.9 percent, but it exceeds the national average of 1.4 percent year-over-year.

Although rents in Atlanta are on the rise, the city remains one of the most affordable in the country, compared to other major metropolitan areas, per the study.

At $3,123, San Francisco’s median rent for a two-bedroom, for instance, is more than two and a half times pricier than Atlanta.

Plus, Atlanta’s yearly rent increases don’t come close to those in cities like Austin, Charlotte and Dallas, which experienced rent spikes of 3.2, 2.9 and 2.3 percent since October 2018.

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