Wykeisha Howe is running for Atlanta Board of Education District 1.

Candidate website: www.wykeishahowe.com

Q: What is your current job (include the name of your employer) and list any significant memberships in public service organizations? 

A: Small Business Owner

Q: What is the biggest issue facing your constituents and why are you the best candidate to address it? 

A: Learning lost and lack of staff member. I am the best candidate to address these issues because I know first hand by volunteering with teachers and helping families, how far it has been the last couple of years and even harder throughout this pandemic.

Q: The pandemic has brought unique challenges to public schools, including mask mandates and hybrid learning. What is a lesson you have learned from these challenges? 

A: One lesson that has been learned is hybrid learning help keep the numbers amongst children and staff members down.

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Q: What is the future of virtual learning in APS? 

A: Right now virtual learning is unclear but is needed.

Q: Atlanta Public Schools is operating under a recently adopted “equity and social justice” policy.

A: One word: Fairness

Q: APS Superintendent Lisa Herring is over a year into a three-year contract that the next Board of Education will have to consider extending or replacing. What is your opinion of Herring’s job performance? 

A: Lisa Harris is new to her role but I think she can do a better job with communicating to the parents and the community.

Q: The Board of Education last year demanded that the Development Authority of Fulton County cease granting tax abatements to developments within the City of Atlanta. Should the board maintain that position and why or why not? 

A: Not sure, need more information.

Q: What are some areas of opportunity for the Atlanta City Council to work in partnership with the Atlanta Public Schools superintendent and board? 

A: The next board members can start by having a better relationship with the city council and the mayor. I have already began connecting with candidates who are running for not only the school board but city council and mayor of this great City.

Q: What are some areas of opportunity for the Atlanta Public Schools superintendent and board to work with the mayor and City Council? 

A: As I stated before, “I think that the superintendent and the board can start by having better relationships with other elected officials.”

Q: Anything else that you want to share for voters who may be undecided? 

A: Before the pandemic, we knew that a lot of Atlanta Public Schools were struggling and then the pandemic hit in which we have a unique opportunity with fresh eyes and the next elected City officials to get this right.

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