Walter Reeves is running for mayor of Atlanta.

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What is your current job (include the name of your employer) and list any significant memberships in public service organizations?

I have three different jobs. One is at AmericasMart in Atlanta. Reeves is well regarded by both coworkers and vendors ! Another is as independent Roman Law Scholar. Reeves can read legal texts in both Latin & French. Reeves was once an undocumented worker in France, and represented in 1998 some seasonal workers during a strike at Disneyland Paris. Now for a shout out to Disney casting legend Daniela Gedemer! A third job of mine is as Poultry Workers’ Representative. Mayoral Candidate Reeves was promptly in action after the industrial accident at Foundation Foods in Gainesville. Six poultry workers were killed, and at least a dozen workers were injured.

What is the biggest issue facing your constituents and why are you the best candidate to address it?

The biggest issue facing Atlanta is the social phenomenon “invidia effrenata”, which is Latin for unbridled envy. This has led to repeated attempts to steal Hartsfield-Jackson Airport from the City of Atlanta by lazy & envious state legislators. This has also led to Bosticism, which is “racial wealth redistribution”. There exists now a Fulton County Reparations Task Force. This disturbing development could crater the US banking system, just like the Beirut harbor explosion cratered the entire economy of Lebanon.

As a young man living in Central Europe during the 1990’s, I experienced first hand the turmoil in Eastern Europe following the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Atlanta might be the next Olympic City to flop like Sarajevo. Candidate Reeves is already diligently working to prevent this from happening!

How do you define “affordability” in housing and what is a specific tactic you would use to improve it?

One can not discuss this topic without discussing the Living Wage Movement. Mayor Muriel Bowser was the pioneer who passed the Fair Shot Minimum Wage Ordinance. The City of Birmingham, Alabama was the only city in the South that successfully passed a minimum wage ordinance, which was unfortunately struck down by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Mayoral Candidate Reeves advocated in Atlanta for non living wage workers at the University of Alabama Medical School. He was also present along with MARTA workers for the en banc oral argument in 2019 in Downtown Atlanta. Twelve federal judges were present at that hearing! Now for a shout out for Amalgamated Transit Union, which represents MARTA workers!

City Hall has been dogged by an apparently ongoing federal investigation involving accusations of corruption in the previous mayoral administration. How would you help restore public trust on matters of staff spending and contract procurement? 

I will require all city workers at Atlanta City Hall to diligently study the Freeh Report, which is available online at various websites. They will also be required to view Judge Louis Freeh’s press conference announcing the Freeh Report. This famous press conference is also available online at Youtube. The Freeh Report will be discussed ad nauseam in various workshops at City Hall. The section on the bystander effect is especially castigating. Let us not be so incompetent that we find ourselves in violation of the Clery Act!

In 2020, Atlanta and the nation experienced two historic events: the COVID-19 pandemic and protests about racial justice and police brutality. What is a public-policy lesson you learned from those events?

In the Summer of 2020, I scrambled to help prevent the failure of Cushing Memorial Hospital in our Sister City of Leavenworth. The bitter lesson I learned allowed me later that autumn to help prevent ten rural hospitals in Georgia from failing in a similar manner. Now for a special shout out to AJC Reporters Yamil Berard & Ariel Hart. Their timely reporting on the rural hospital crisis in Georgia was promptly followed by decisive action by Mayoral Candidate Reeves.

The debate about the location of a public safety training center is an example of longstanding tension over whether Atlanta’s urban planning should be more top-down from corporations and private groups or more bottom-up from communities and neighborhoods. What is your approach to planning processes and is there a specific change you would make?

I support the new public safety training center, which was recently approved by the Atlanta City Council. Its construction will be financed by the Atlanta Police Foundation. I support this partnership because it is a constructive relationship.

Mayoral Candidate Reeves is not a corporate sock puppet. I vehemently disagree with the sleazy Gulch municipal bond scheme. The City of Atlanta should not be used as CHUMP ATM by wealthy developers to finance private sector projects. Guess who pays for such a project? Homeowners through escalating property taxes…namely you! Don’t be a sucker! Now for a shout out to Julien Bene, who led the “Red Light the Gulch” group.

Do you support the Atlanta public safety training center’s location on Key Road in DeKalb County? Why or why not?

Yes, I support the news training center’s location on Key Road because it is a ideal location for such a center. Atlanta needs law & order not anarchy. Atlanta also needs a special relationship with Milledgeville. Criminally insane elements will be banned from the City of Atlanta, and transported to the Central State Hospital facility in Milledgeville aboard the famous Athens Christmas Bus…..

Who is the main expert you turn to for information on understanding and addressing crime and what is an important fact you have learned from them? 

The best expert on street crime is the Atlanta police officer. For issues involving international crime, I have always looked to Louis Freeh. As a young man in 1990, I am certain that I bumped into him outside of a federal courthouse. Freeh was in Atlanta to solve the infamous Vance case. At Mayoral Forums, I have briefly mentioned “Pimped Out Prague”. Freeh founded in 1994 the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Budapest to address international organized crime. He also founded the FBI legate program. In 2019 I petitioned Louis Freeh to thwart the theft of the Atlanta Airport by lazy & envious state legislators. When he retired in 2020, I petitioned the ILEA in Budapest to stand by the Atlanta City Council during another theft attempt.

What are some areas of opportunity for the mayor’s office to work in partnership with the Atlanta Public Schools superintendent and board?

Atlanta Public Schools needs uniforms just like the public school students in Birmingham, Alabama. The concept of uniforms for students was first developed by Catholic schools. The purpose of school uniforms is to reduce materialism among youth, who often snoot at one another over designer clothes. Materialism has corrupted many young people in Atlanta. Lennox will always be the starting point of the Peachtree Road Race and the finish line of the Peachtree Looting Spree…

Describe how you envision Invest Atlanta operating under your administration. What changes, if any, would you implement?

Once there was a conference known as Bretton Woods, which established the international monetary system after World War II. The disgrace and incompetence of the Afghanistan withdrawal might lead to the US Dollar losing its status as a world reserve currency. The next international conference to regulate a new international monetary system might happen in the near future in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum. The business community in Atlanta needs to prepare for this somber possibility.

Explain your leadership style and how it would best serve the people of Atlanta.

Hard nosed and no nonsense. Mayoral Candidate Reeves has been diligently working behind the scenes twisting arms at both King & Spaulding and at the Georgia Fusion Center to prevent a Banking Panic from happening. He has also been cultivating the following relationships that Atlanta needs to avoid disaster:

1. Sister City Leavenworth. We need the community of Leavenworth to thwart repeated attempts to steal the Atlanta Airport.

2. Legendary US Attorney Andrew E. Lelling. Judge Freeh retired from practicing law. Atlanta needs Mr. Lelling as special prosecutor at the proposed Freeh Report Rocket Docket.

3. The French Foreign Legion, who might need to deploy to Atlanta to restore order just like they did during the 1990s in Sarajevo. Mayoral Candidate Reeves was once Legionnaire Candidate Reeves in August 2000 in Strasbourg. 8000 men applied that year, but only 800 were taken!

Anything else that you want to share for voters who may be undecided?

Mayoral Candidate Reeves is a native Southerner & a native Athenian. It violates the public trust to load up young adults with a mountain of student debt. It also violates the jurisprudence of the Roman law statute senatus consultum Macedonianum. Therefore, a Reeves Administration at City Hall will assume all student loan debt of all law school students who attended UGA Law School during the years 2006-2014. This assumed debt will then be swept (along with all municipal debt at both City Hall and the Airport) under the rug at the Federal Reserve Bank. That is the cornerstone of the pioneering Reeves Quantitative Ease Plan!

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