What inspired you to run for Mayor?

After serving two previous terms, I was inspired to come back to public office because of the request by numerous citizens seeking to restore leadership, vision, and unity within our community.

What are the three most pressing issues you believe your City faces? How are you addressing them? What people or entities are you enlisting to get these things done?

Our City lacked structure, professionalism, and the sense of pride that comes from staff when leadership respects & understands that EVERY capacity is important.

In my first 90 days, I’ve hired several professionals from the City Administrator, eight Firefighters, five Policemen, the Assistant City Administrator, Human Resources Director, and other professionals to upgrade our brand. Currently, we are renovating a city fire station where firefighters were living in deplorable conditions. Protecting our residents’ interest by addressing complaints about residential property built by substandard developers. Finally, having a working retreat seeking to enhance teamwork within the City Council and focus on our vision and goals for the City.

Describe your main goals for your first term in office.

  • To bring integrity to all city operations, including the procurement process of all services and contracts. Ensure everyone feels that due process and fair treatment are consistent throughout our administration.
  • To establish a level of professionalism and customer service while simultaneously instilling a sense of pride among employees that will allow their work product to make a mark in this region that will be talked about for decades.
  • Restore the hospitality and citywide cultural events that promote a sense of community across our diverse neighborhoods.  

To what do you attribute your campaign’s success?

During my previous term as Mayor, it was important to me that we created a sense of family. We made every effort to include all communities in our vision sessions that helped shape our City’s successes. I ran a campaign that was indicative of who I am as a person, husband, and leader.

How will you foster a strong relationship with your constituents and ensure you are addressing their needs?

We have already started with the hiring of a public relations consultant to tell our story. It’s vital that people know what is going on and how they can help and/or assists our city staff as we restore the communication in our City. That effort, combined with our constant focus on listening to feedback directly from our constituents, builds strong relationships across our City.

After previously serving as Mayor, you opted not to run for re-election in 2017. Why did you decide to run for the office last year to again serve as the Mayor of Fairburn?

In full transparency, I was asked to attend a meeting at Durham Lakes in March 2021, where a gas station and liquor store were being proposed. I was asked to give a strategic plan to fight the project. The plan was adopted and executed immediately, which resulted in the blockage of such a demeaning project. I was so bothered by the lack of representation by the City I went on a five-day fast, seeking the Lord’s guidance to discern if running for Mayor was His will for my life. I wasn’t expecting the answer I received but decided to run out of pure obedience, and the rest is history.

After you were sworn into office, you said the City of Fairburn is due for a zoning code review, as reported by the Marietta Daily Journal. Describe your top priorities for Fairburn zoning and new development.

In the first 90 days, numerous hours have been dedicated to upgrading our code pertaining to “hearings” that grant contractors due process. We have spent a lot of money preparing for legal battles that were preventable if adequate attention was given to this area. Improper updating and/or adherence to P&Z rules will result in legal exposure and the loss of revenue. Lastly, we are reviewing our current zoning ordinance to determine where adjustments and improvements can be made. This ongoing effort has produced amendments to our 74 Highway Overlay district in recent weeks.

Why are you proud to call your city home?

I’ve lived in Fairburn, Georgia, since May of 1999, and I’m a proud product of Atlanta Public Schools. I’ve seen what happens when the city leadership and community fail to stay in touch on a regular basis. I am proud of the quality of life and the activities that bring our residents together throughout the year. It brings me joy to see clean streets, pretty parks, and a proud community that can put all the world’s distractions aside to help keep Fairburn beautiful and safe.

Click here for a map to learn more about Fairburn. (Created by Maggie Lee)

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