Georgia’s election cycle will continue until Dec. 6, as Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker ask voters to come out for a rematch.

As of about 1 p.m. on Wednesday, the day after Election Day, Warnock was leading Walker in the much-watched U.S. Senate race — by about 35,000 votes out of nearly four million counted.

That itty bitty margin wouldn’t even fill up half of UGA’s Sanford Stadium.

There are so few votes left to count that neither man could break the 50% barrier required for an outright win. Walker had about 1.91 million votes; Warnock had about 1.94 million votes.

So, the race continues, minus Libertarian Chase Oliver, who got about 81,000 votes. Which is also not enough to fill up Sanford Stadium.

Early voting must begin in each county by at Nov. 28 at the latest. Hours will vary by county and have yet to be published, but they will be on the Secretary of State’s page. Check your voting status and find your polling place via Georgia’s official My Voter Page.

If you’d like to vote absentee, the Secretary of State has already set up a web site to request a mail ballot.

Follow the candidates on social media or read a Q and A with each one here:

This page has been updated to delete references to a Saturday voting schedule announced by the Secretary of State’s office that turned out to be incorrect.

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