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Railroad Workers United organizer explains the push to nationalize railroads after Atlanta demonstration against Norfolk Southern

In the wake of Norfolk Southern’s derailment disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, a simmering push to nationalize the railroads is gaining steam. At a lively rally outside Norfolk Southern’s Midtown Atlanta headquarters on March 11, a group of about 50 students and activists waved signs saying “Nationalize the Railroads” – something Railroad Workers United has […]

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Georgia House weighs bill to restrict land ownership for immigrants from China, Russia, Iran, and other targeted countries

A bill that restricts certain immigrants from countries the U.S. considers “foreign adversaries” from buying either agricultural land or land near a military installation in Georgia passed the state Senate last week, and is now under consideration by the House. A similar bill, HB 452, died in the House last week, and immigrant advocates are […]

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As Trump and red states attack voter data group, Raffensperger snaps back

Republican-led states keep pulling out of ERIC, a bipartisan nonprofit that helps its member states maintain accurate voter lists–but Georgia is not among them.  Quite the opposite, in fact. In a statement issued last week, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger defended the Electronic Registration Information Center as “an important tool” for election integrity.  “Maintaining […]

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What Atlanta residents can learn from Chicago’s version of “Cop City”

The controversy over Atlanta’s proposed Public Safety Training Center, known by opponents as “Cop City,” strikes University of Chicago law professor Craig Futterman as deja vu. “It sounds almost exactly like the conversations and debates that we’ve had in Chicago for years,” said Futterman, who founded the University of Chicago’s Civil Rights and Police Accountability […]