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Unrigging democracy: Do you know who finances political campaigns?

You wouldn’t serve food to your family or take medication without knowing the ingredients.  So why would you condone political ads that fail to disclose their biggest financial backers? Increasing transparency in campaign finance is one way to help voters make informed decisions in national and local elections, electoral accountability expert Daniel G. Newman said. […]

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Unrigging democracy: An evening with political reformist Daniel G. Newman

Who controls American democracy? Voters or a tiny band of “wealth hoarders” determined to hang on to power? That’s the question at the heart of America’s ongoing social and political unrest, according to electoral accountability expert Daniel G. Newman. “It is such a tumultuous time we continue to live through. Many people I’ve talked to […]

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What I’ve Learned: Voting rights activist and attorney Aklima Khondoker on redistricting lawsuits

Aklima Khondoker has spent most of her legal career making sure others get a fair shot. She has pushed for women’s reproductive freedom, LGBTQ rights, racial justice and voting rights. Khondoker honed her voting rights skills at the ACLU of Georgia, where she created the Voting Access Project, a program that blends grassroots organizing, policy […]