Anti-Racist Educators Collaborative Group

The goal of this group is to create a network of support for educators trying to create anti-racist change in their school.

This group will focus on:

  • connecting with other educators doing anti-racist work in K-12 school settings
  • sharing activities and resources we have come across or used to teach anti-racism to staff or students
  • supporting each other in the struggle to engage resistant staff, students, administrators, or families
  • problem-solving challenges we are facing as we do this work
  • collaborating to generate ideas for actions, activities, and policies to promote anti-racism in schools
  • examining curriculum and school culture to promote equity, representation, and engagement from all groups
  • creating affinity groups within the group in order to discuss the specific needs and challenges of different educator populations
  • building a community to collaborate to make changes on a local and larger basis
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