Campaigning for: State Senate District 46

(Andrew Ferguson did not respond to the e-mailed questionnaire.)

Andrew Ferguson grew up in Gwinnett County and attended college on the HOPE scholarship. He ran for Congress in 2020. He says he is a first-generation Democrat from a family of compassionate Republicans. He says there are urgent problems that need addressing for the benefit of all Georgians. According to his campaign website, he favors expansion of Medicaid, full reproductive rights for all and continuing work on mental health reform. He is promoting the election of pro-choice candidates who will pass legislation to protect women’s rights and insure them true access to birth control. On the issue of guns, he says the state needs to close the gun show loophole, expand background checks, repeal “permitless carry” and “campus carry” and raise the age to buy an assault weapon from 18 to 21.

– Prepared by the Georgia Decides team.