Campaigning for: State House District 40

Dr. Fun Fong did not respond to the questionnaire. Fong is board certified in emergency medicine and has worked in emergency medicine for more than 30 years. A Republican, Fong says three big issues are the economy, education, and safe communities. On his campaign website, he stresses the need to reduce government regulation and red tape to help with many of the economic challenges, such as the high cost of living, inflation, and supply chain demands. He said Cobb County needs more jobs to get the local economy back on track. On the issue of education, he describes himself as a fierce advocate for Cobb parents. He said he believe the money should follow the student and that politics should be kept out of the classroom. He pledges to be a “dependable supporter of our local police,” ensuring they have the resources and support they need to work effectively.

– Prepared by the Georgia Decides team.