The responses to these questions were edited for length and clarity by the Georgia Decides team. Each candidate was allotted 150 words for each answer and some answers were trimmed in order to abide by that length requirement. Other edits were made to make sure readers can fully follow and understand the candidate responses.

Campaigning for: Gwinnett County Commission District 2

How does your background equip you for the job you are seeking?

More than two decades working for A&E companies, reading contracts, delivering projects, with a limited budget and time constrains. Specializing in large complex projects for municipal sector across the USA, gives me an edge in comparison to my opponent.

What role should government have in the lives of Georgians? How would you apply that philosophy to the job you are seeking?

Government should play very limited role in our everyday lives meaning that we need smaller and more agile administration.

If you are elected (or re-elected), what problems will you spend the most time solving and why?

Safety and traffic, because this is something that impact our residents every single day.

Georgia is a politically diverse state. How will you work to represent Georgians whose political views differ from your own?

I will be working on some practical solutions to every day problems for our citizens, this should be equally important for everyone and not just for certain group of people.

Who has been the biggest influence on how you view government and politics? What have you learned from this person?

My biggest influence are my parents in regard to government, politics and the way I go about my life in general. Growing up in a Socialist/Communist system and being able to compare the two, I am impressed with U.S. system of governance, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I am personally not influenced by politics, or any particular politician but will simply work to uphold the constitution according to the intent of the framers. Government of the people, by the people, for the people is the best idea of governance, therefore we need to limit how long politicians can stay in the government and create certain cult around them. Some of our politicians today are self-serving and forgot what the representative word stands for.

To summarize all of this above: I learned from negative experiences –from socialism and communism that I grew up in — and spent half of my life living it while at the same time cherishing the system that we have here, because it is the best system that humanity ever created. “All men are created equal” still gives me a chill not only because of the meaning but because of the time when it was written and put in place. Pursuit of happiness is in your own hands and government is not there to provide it for you but to create a climate where you can achieve your dreams.

Politics is often about compromise. How do you decide when to compromise and take small, incremental wins, and when to refuse compromise?

Compromise is great thing but it just depends what we are compromising about. If we are compromising around my ideas I am all for it, but if we are compromising about an idea that our citizens voted down two times then we are just wasting valuable time.

There were politicians who questioned the outcomes of Georgia elections in 2018 and 2020. Do you think Georgia’s elections are secure and will you stand by the results?

I am not an expert on elections therefore I can’t say if they are secure or not but I will stand by the results.

In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, state law and local enforcement authority will determine access to abortion. If elected, how will you use your authority to influence abortion access or enforcement of abortion restrictions?

Not sure if a local county commissioner has to do anything in regard to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision. Generally speaking; I will obey the law and will encourage and influence others to do the same.