Campaigning for: State House District 111

Rey Martinez did not respond to the questionnaire.

Martinez, Georgia’s first Latino mayor, is hoping to move out of municipal government and on to the state Capitol. He’s running for an open House seat. He has been involved in city politics in Loganville for years, first as a two-term city councilman and as mayor from 2018 until late 2021. In announcing his candidacy, Martinez said he wants to use his energy, passion and love of service to help bring unity to his community, state and country. He supported former President Donald Trump in his first bid for president in 2016, leading the Georgia Hispanics for Trump Coalition. When he announced his decision to run for the House, he told his local newspaper: “I vow to work hard and always fight for the principles that brought me into the Republican Party … lower taxes, personal responsibility, individual freedoms and putting America and Georgia first.”

-Prepared by the Georgia Decides team.