William Sardin

Position: Seat 7 At-Large

Incumbent: Tamara Jones


William Sardin is a nurse and Air Force reservist running for the APS Board District 7 At-Large seat. He might be one of the lesser-known board candidates, and as of the publishing of this guide on Oct. 3 has not made any public appearances related to the election. He is a single father of three, a former first lieutenant in the Air Force, and has a 30-year career in nursing. He owns a business, Flexcare Staffing.

Background & Experience

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Emory University

Sardin volunteers at his children’s schools.

Campaign finance

Sardin has not yet filed a campaign disclosure.

  • Total cash on hand: N/A
  • Largest contributors:
    • N/A
  • Notes: Sardin filed a personal disclosure form showing ownership of Flexcare Staffing and a personal residence in Midtown.

Policy Stances

  • Aims to be a conduit between parents and the school system
  • Focused on providing resources for at-risk students
  • Wants to add more counselors and resource officers for early intervention
  • Advocates for more competitive salaries to retain teachers
  • Wants to address school overcrowding to improve student performance and discipline

Candidate Interview

Where did you grow up and how has your personal background influenced your perspective on public education?

I grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am the youngest of ten. My mother and two of my siblings were educators. I moved to Atlanta to attend college.

We want to know about your involvement in the community. Please list any volunteer or mentorship activities, professional boards you sit on, and community organizations that you’re affiliated with. up and how has your personal background influenced your perspective on public education?

I volunteered at my children’s schools and am also an Air Force reservist.

Why should voters support your candidacy for the APS School Board?

There are several reasons. First, I am a single parent who has three teenagers currently attending high school in APS. I also have the unique experience of being involved with more than one school system. My children attended school, and I volunteered both here and in California. I have been able to observe firsthand what works well and what doesn’t in a school district.

The Atlanta School Board did not renew the contract for former school superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring, and hired Dr. Danielle Battle as the interim superintendent on Aug. 7, 2023 while they conduct a national search. 

Why do you think there’s so much superintendent turnover at APS — and what do you think can be done to address it?

The reasons are multi-faceted. APS is a unique school system and anyone taking the helm must be in tune with that reality.

What qualifications and qualities do you believe are essential for the next superintendent?

There are several things that I believe are important. First, they must have qualities and qualifications that are relevant and a track record of success in running a large school system. Secondly, they should have strong leadership qualities, and a history of working in an urban and ethnically diverse environment. Third, they should take successful programs from other school systems nationwide and bring them to our school system and modify them to be equally successful in our schools.

APS is in the third year of a five-year strategic plan that ends in 2025. What are your thoughts on how that plan is going, and what would you do differently? What should the next five year plan address?

It’s fallen short of meeting its stated goals. One of the biggest shortfalls is that schools in less advantaged districts are not meeting academic standards. The next five-year plan should focus on equity as it relates to all schools reaching parity. The other focus: poor performing schools should be the focus of academic excellence so that they can meet national standards.

How should the District best address the understaffing and retention of teachers and staff?

The best way to deal with this issue is to listen to the concerns of the teachers. One of the main drivers of dissatisfaction is pay. The other challenge faced by teachers and staff concerns leadership asking more and more with less and less support. These issues can be addressed by increasing pay to cost of living levels and increasing support staff.

More than 5,000 APS students have a disability or special needs. What can the school district do to better serve those students, especially when it comes to allocating resources to schools?

By providing adequate resources to this student population. These extra dollars can go towards more teachers and support staff specifically trained for students with disabilities.

Only about one-third of APS students are at or above the proficient level for reading and math with reports saying that COVID learning loss is still a factor. How can the District ensure children meet or exceed the reading and writing standards?

Since this is such a widespread issue, those children should be given an intense program possibly after or before school that will help ensure that they get back to the correct level.

Identify three ways the Atlanta School Board can better involve youth, parents and caretakers in the Board’s decision-making process?
  1. The board can involve the parents by partnering with an organization such as the PTA for suggestions and ideas regarding the curriculum.
  2. The teachers’ board can involve teachers in changes with the implementation and/or changes to their workload and allow input.
  3. The board can have increased transparency with the community regarding changes the board is considering.
Is the APS property tax burden too high for most Atlanta residents? Do you think commercial property owners are paying their fair share of APS property taxes? 

I think the main concern with the Atlanta residents is whether they are getting value for the tax dollars. If they feel that the school system is educating and caring for our students, most residents are satisfied. When taxes are levied on business, usually the amount paid is factored in by the tax commission.