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Nathan Clubb is in the runoff for Atlanta City Council District 1.

Candidate website:

What makes your policy on public safety different and better than your opponent’s?

I have a dual focus on addressing the short-term public safety challenges, namely violent crime and gun violence, while also recognizing we need long-term solutions to address the root causes of our public safety challenges. We need to use group violence intervention, including supporting existing efforts such as Cure Violence, an evidence-based approach. We need to convert the Atlanta City Detention City into a diversion facility, with access to housing, workforce training, and health services, including mental and behavioral. We need to build more supportive housing, and I actually have a housing policy that identifies funding streams to accomplish this. We need place-based investments to address equity challenges while reducing crime. 

Why are you the better choice to improve infrastructure and city services?

I have dedicated my life to public service, including serving the last seven years leading a performance audit team for the State of Georgia, where we focus on how to get the government to better deliver services and ensure we are getting the outcomes we desire. This a transferable skill set to City Hall as we challenge the existing delivery models for city services and dig into the root causes of why we are not getting yard waste picked up, why we have so many challenges with water bills, and why our businesses are treated in an adversarial manner while trying to navigate licenses and permits. I will also ensure we have needed funding mechanisms, such as a stormwater utility fee for development, and a measurable plan to address our infrastructure woes, to ensure we have a City that can actually support the growth and density occurring in our City.

Why are the better candidate on transportation policy?

I focused largely on transportation policy while getting my graduate degree in public administration. I have paired that with real world experience, advocating for safe streets, better public transit, and a recognition that we need alternatives to driving by ourselves. I also established the Bill Kennedy Way Task Force which got a protected trail built over I-20 because I know the importance of connecting people and places and providing car-free alternatives. I founded the South Moreland Avenue Working Group, working with our state delegation, ATLDOT and GDOT on safety improvements on this critical transportation corridor. I have been active in the planning of the Summerhill Bus Rapid Transit line. I received the highest score in the City from BeltLineRailNow! based on my understanding and advocacy for rail on the BeltLine. I recognize the importance of tying land use and zoning together with transportation planning. I understand transportation policy, transportation funding, and have already delivered transportation improvements for District 1.

Why are you the better candidate for this office, period?

My experience, knowledge, and vision for the District and the City is why I received the highest score from the Committee for Better Atlanta, BeltLineRailNow! and was endorsed by the Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club. We need someone who understands how the City works, zoning, transportation, and who has been involved in the conversation around each of those before deciding to run for this office. We need to use policy to address the root causes of our City’s challenges, to be proactive rather than putting out fires. The details are important, and we can not afford to squander the opportunities we are being given with new federal funding coming our way. I will ensure we make equity a centerpiece of how our District office operates, how we approach legislation and the City’s budget, where we focus our limited time and energy.

Read Nathan Clubb’s Q&A from the general election.

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