Erika Estrada is in the runoff for Atlanta City Council District 3.

Candidate website:

What makes your policy on public safety different and better than your opponent’s?  

I take a holistic approach to addressing this issue. We can’t solve our public safety concerns by only discussing putting more police officers on the street. I fully support placing budgetary priority on achieving the target staffing and training levels for our first responders, but we must also place budgetary priority on supporting private, public and non-profit programming that addresses gun violence prevention, conflict resolution, mental health services, and job training and creation, to name a few. I am particularly interested in increasing funding for the Policing Alternatives and Diversion (PAD) Initiative and increasing funding and implementation for Cure Violence programs. 

Why are you the better choice to improve infrastructure and city services? 

I have the operational background and experience to know that we can’t improve infrastructure and city services without making sure that the right people, processes and technology are in place to adequately work through infrastructure backlog issues and have the most efficient and effective city services. As a former management consultant, I spent a number of years working with organizations, including public organizations, to identify the root causes of backlog, inefficient processes and operational audit findings and subsequently develop plans to remediate the issues and develop metrics to make sure the issues are resolved and that high service and process levels are maintained. Additionally, I will also be vocal about highlighting and solving issues of accountability and misspending, if they occur.

Why are the better candidate on transportation policy? 

I have identified improvement of infrastructure and transportation as one of my top platform issues. District 3 and the City of Atlanta need leadership that understands the role of equitable transportation in improving opportunities and quality of life in our city.  As part of my policy and governing philosophy, I will prioritize funding, adequate oversight, and on-time completion of More MARTA and Atlanta DOT projects. I will also ensure that projects in traditionally underserved areas of the City are being identified and moved forward. We must look at all transportation policy with an equity lens. 

Why are you the better candidate for this office, period?

Integrity matters. Empathy matters. Professional and community background and experience matters. I’m the only candidate in this race that possesses the combination of integrity, empathy, servant leadership and professional background needed to best serve the people of District 3 at this time. As a small business owner, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), consultant, nonprofit and community organization board member, committed community volunteer and mother, my experience has prepared me to bring a fresh perspective to council that will protect the best interests of District 3. So much is at stake in this election and I won’t let our District down. 

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