The elected officials who decide Georgia’s budget, voting laws, school spending and more have just started their annual session. We’ll help you find your legislators, their social media links and their contact info.

You can see what they’re up to — and tell them what you’d like to see them get up to.

Click on your district on the Georgia House and Senate maps below to find your legislators and how to reach them.

All 236 state representatives and senators plus Gov. Brian Kemp have an official Georgia phone number, email address and office address. Find all that on their “official” pages.

Some state House and Senate members go further and have campaign websites — where you might find a newsletter signup alongside appeals for donations. Almost all legislators have a Facebook page, and more than half have either a Twitter, an Instagram or both.

But there’s a mix of activity levels online. Some lawmakers update their channels often. Some leave their logins dusty for years.

Gov. Brian Kemp (R)
Official website | Online contact form | Campaign website
Facebook | Official Twitter | Official Instagram

Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R)
Official website | Online contact form | Campaign website | Facebook
Twitter | Instagram

Note to readers: Atlanta Civic Circle and SaportaReport have endeavored, with much testing, to compile working and up-to-date links as of January 2022. But legislators themselves sometimes post broken or out-of-date links — or start running for a different office, open more than one Facebook page, or abandon a campaign page. Links that work today might not work in a month. Please report any problems to Thank you!

Header photo by Britton Edwards

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