Social media: N/A

Salary: $12,000 yearly

Party affiliation: Not declared but Republican.

Age: 75

Second job: N/A – retired from retailing.

What inspired you to run for mayor?

I had left the Loganville City Council after 2 terms (8 years) because I truly believe in Term Limits. If I am not willing to live by my beliefs, how can I expect anyone else to. I had no plans to get back into the political arena and had a candidate who was going to run and I was going to support that person. However, I received a phone call from that person while he was out of state visiting family to inform they were not going to run due to medical issues voiced by his Doctor and his family. After many phone calls from various people in town, I agreed to run and ran unopposed.

What are the three most pressing issues you believe your city faces? How are you addressing them? What people or entities are you enlisting to get these things done?

1. Dealing with growth … 2010 census population up over 100% and 2020 up another 35.1%.

2. Beginning the healing process with the residents and social media “keyboard warriors” stemming from a failed large development a couple of years ago including a new downtown and 800 apartments, etc. Many in the public seem to have lost all trust in the City Council and mayor. Working hard to keep City Council focused on doing the right thing while working with all the aspects of governance. It’s going to take considerable time and effort. Some are not interested in the facts especially if it does not fit into their narrative. 

3. Our City has three state roads intersecting within our City Limits. We have just completed a one year traffic study to tell where to focus our efforts to improve our traffic. The collections of recommendations total is $45,000,000+ with an annual budget of $12,500,000. So work with the GDOT on a very regular to develop co-op projects to take advantage of projects.

Describe your main goals for your first term in office.

Regain a level of trust in local government. If it’s the right thing to do, we do it.

How will you foster a strong relationship with your constituents and ensure you are addressing their needs?

  1. Continuing all communication channels developed in the last few years.
  2. Talking with constituents when any opportunity presents itself.
  3. All meeting are on YouTube to be available for everyone in our City.

In 2019, a mixed-use development plan for downtown Loganville was halted due to residents’ opposition to the increased density, including multi-family housing, outlined in the plan. Describe your plan to create a downtown development plan that residents support.

We have just recently committed to hiring a downtown Director to focus our efforts and goals in that individual’s direction. Beginning to develop a comprehensive plan as a guideline for progress to guide all efforts to reach a common goal.

Why are you proud to call your city home?

Loganville is a small town with a large heart. The people are second to none and want to manage growth, moving into the future while maintaining the small town feel that most people enjoy.

Click here for a map to learn more about Loganville. (Created by Maggie Lee)

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