In the June 21 election, Democratic voters set the candidate slate for the fall midterms. Now the candidates will try and convince Georgians to put their party in power across the state’s top offices for the first time in nearly a generation.

By margins of 25 points or more, Democratic voters chose Charlie Bailey as their nominee for lieutenant governor, while Bee Nguyen got the nod for secretary of state, and William Boddie for insurance commissioner.  Gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams had endorsed all three

Democratic voters also gave Janice Laws Robinson a big win as their nominee for insurance commissioner. 

About 250,000 Georgia voters cast votes in the Democratic primary runoffs.

No major geographic differences in votes appeared.  The vote maps for Charlie Bailey and Bee Nguyen show wins by large margins across the state, and the story was similar for William Boddie and Janice Laws Baker.

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