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Atlanta Civic Circle is a new nonprofit civic journalism website for metro Atlanta dedicated to informing the public on the most critical issues facing metro Atlanta by providing in-depth reporting and presenting possible solutions with opportunities for civic engagement online and in the community. 

Expect in-depth news coverage, glossaries, guides, and other resources to educate residents on the problems Atlanta faces and ways to empower citizens to help solve those problems. We are launching the site with two focus areas, or “circles:”  Housing Affordability and Democracy

We expect to hear from our readers and want to know what other focus areas we should explore. Please be sure to suggest a focus area here: Suggest a Focus Area.

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2 replies on “Focus Areas”

  1. Hi Sean, Bruce Gunter here. I’d like to help promote your work, as the City and our affordable housing community needs a central go-to place for commentary and response–a blog. I am, as you may know, a long time affordable housing guy, for 20 years running a nonprofit housing developer/owner/operator (the largest in GA until the Great Recession blew us up), and over the past few years more of an advocate working closely at planning Housing Forums w Bill B and other stuff. Occasionally, i have penned op-eds (soon one in Saporta on zoning reform). What i am witnessing now is the engagement of the private sector, which ultimately will be only way we will be to achieve the gargantuan scale necessary to change the trajectory (sole exception is ANDP). New funds (Atl Afford Housing Fund) and private developers w creative ideas (PadSplit, small units a la Eric Kronberg) are encouraging, but will be caged in without zoning reform. We can continue if you want. Good luck!
    Note–my business, development consultant, is Civitas Housing (website below) but i use my old PRI email address for non-business.

    1. Thank you for the comment, Bruce. I will connect you with Sean momentarily.
      Have a great week!

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