The Atlanta Board of Education plays a crucial leadership role, overseeing Atlanta Public Schools. In the Nov. 2 election, at least two of the current nine members will be replaced, and all but one race is competitive.

Atlanta Civic Circle and SaportaReport questioned all of the candidates to provide you with an unbiased guide to who they are and where they stand on major policy issues.

We asked the candidates about lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of APS’s new superintendent, tax breaks that affect the system’s budget, and much more. To see their answers, click each candidate’s name on the list below. Don’t know which board district you live in? See our interactive map of Atlanta Board of Education districts.

Board of Education – District 1

Board of Education – District 3

Board of Education – District 4

Board of Education – District 5

Board of Education – District 6

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