The Atlanta City Council makes the local laws, and in the Nov. 30 election, voters will have a chance to remake the Atlanta City Council.

Contests heading to a runoff include the City Council president; the Post 3 At Large seat; and races for Districts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 12.

Atlanta Civic Circle and SaportaReport questioned all of the candidates to provide you with an unbiased guide to who they are and where they stand on major policy issues.

We asked the candidates why they are the better choice to handle such pressing issues as public safety and housing affordability. To see their answers, click each candidate’s name on the list below. We are also providing their answers to questions we asked during the general election races.

And if you’re not sure which council district you’re in, see our handy map.

Atlanta City Council President

There are two candidates in the run-off for City Council President

Natalyn Mosby Archibong (November runoff responses)

Natalyn Mosby Archibong (Primary responses)

Doug Shipman (November runoff responses)

Doug Shipman (Primary responses)

There are two candidates in the run-off for City Council Post 3 At-Large

Jacki Labat (November runoff responses)

Jacki Labat (Primary responses)

Keisha Sean Waites (November runoff responses)

Keisha Sean Waites (Primary responses)

Other council races headed for runoffs:

District 1:

Nathan Clubb (November runoff responses)

Nathan Clubb (Primary responses)

Jason Winston (November runoff responses)

Jason Winston (Primary responses)

District 3:

Byron Amos (November runoff responses)

Byron Amos (Primary responses)

Erika Estrada (November runoff responses)

Erika Estrada (Primary responses)

District 4:

Jason Dozier (Primary responses)

Cleta Winslow (Primary responses)

District 5:

Liliana Bakhtiari (November runoff responses)

Liliana Bakhtiari (Primary responses)

Amanda “Mandy” Mahoney (November runoff responses)

Amanda “Mandy” Mahoney (Primary responses)

District 12:

Antonio Lewis (Primary responses)

Joyce Sheperd (Primary responses)

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  1. It would be nice if it was easy to “comparison shop” across a subset of candidates with their answers in columns across the page. It’s a little overwhelming to flip back and forth for each candidate for 4 seats, my district plus 3 at-large candidates.
    Thanks, and I look forward to analysis of Constitutional amendments, etc. There is a terrible dearth of information on complex and consequential issues like this. It would be great if editors would provide their opinions too. When will the AJC step up to this!!??

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