Jacki Labat is in the runoff for City Council Post 3 At Large.

Candidate website: www.jackiforatlanta.com

What makes your policy on public safety different and better than your opponent’s?

Crime and public safety is the number one issue facing our city. Public safety reform starts at the top, and my approach includes not only robust recruitment and retention plans, and ensuring our public safety officers have proper training and resources, but also a pragmatic plan to bring law enforcement and the community together to repair and rebuild the trust that has been broken. I will ensure that all parties have a seat at the table and engage in productive discussions that allow us to work together to achieve real solutions that lead to meaningful criminal justice reform while creating a safer Atlanta. 

Why are you the better choice to improve infrastructure and city services?

Improving infrastructure and city services starts with improved efficiencies, leveraging technology and collaborative leadership. We must coordinate horizontally (local government with local government with community entities) and vertically (local government with state and federal government) to ensure resources are in place to make certain that citizens’ needs are being met. I am a collaborative leader who has built positive relationships on a local, state and national level that will enable me to best leverage our local funds and also attract billions more in federal investment, particularly considering the infusion of federal infrastructure dollars. 

Why are you the better candidate on transportation policy?

Every community deserves nothing less than highly effective governing bodies that accept full accountability for the community’s performance – both the success and failures. To effectively address transportation we must not only look toward the future, we must examine missteps made in the past. It is imperative that we elect leaders who are capable of working with our federal, state, and regional partners to enhance MARTA, improve pedestrian mobility, repair thoroughfares and address Atlanta’s $1 billion infrastructure backlog.

Why are you the better candidate for this office, period?

When looking at any issue – from crime and public safety to transportation to  infrastructure and city services – relationships matter. So while I believe I have solid “plans”, I also believe that I don’t have a monopoly on good ideas, and I’m always open to suggestions and constructive dialogue. We cannot afford to operate in silos if we truly want to move Atlanta forward. I have established relationships with civic, community and business leaders throughout Atlanta, surrounding municipalities, as well as at the state level and across the country. 

To put it plainly, I am not a politician, nor am I a “perennial candidate.”  This isn’t a defining moment for me as much as it is a defining moment for Atlanta. I am seeking this office with integrity, independence and intentionality. And as a first time candidate, I am humbled and extremely grateful for the amount of excitement and genuine support I’ve received from such a diverse cross section of people across the city. 

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