Aretta Baldon is in the runoff for Atlanta Board of Education District 2.

Candidate website:

How are you the better candidate for improving achievement gaps for students in the district? 

The achievement gap is one of the major factors in my considering running for office. Everything in the work I’m doing is pursuant to ensuring we have as many students as possible reading, writing and doing math on grade level. My contribution to the Strategic Plan; addressing equitable distribution of resources; and working to retain committed and talented educators are specific instances of me helping to improve the achievement gap.

Why are you the better choice to address the pandemic learning gap? 

I worked to minimize the pandemic gap by working with community members and non-profit organizations to open remote learning centers; addressing food insecurity through monthly mobile food markets; and by continuing the Board’s shift to a Student Outcomes Focused  governance model. That work continues post pandemic with being engaged with the administration, my colleagues and community to ensure that all are equipped with the resources and support needed from the board and district.  

How are you the better candidate for improving transparency in APS communications and policy-making with families? 

I hold status meetings within the district with the aims of being transparent, accessible and informative. I am easily accessible.  I attend NPU, townhall, GO Team, PTA as well as other community and neighborhood meetings at a regular cadence.  Additionally, I’m transparent and compliant with my own campaign disclosures, so my constituents can have faith in my integrity as their representative. 

Why are you the better candidate for this office, period? 

Prior to being elected, I advocated for students and actively engaged within the community. It wasn’t until there was a clear void of leadership and advocacy at the school board level did I venture into the fray. I am the most qualified candidate. I am already doing the work. Additionally, I invested time above and beyond my board commitment towards professional development to ensure I have a meaningful impact.  I’m seeking opportunities to further use my talents, leverage my relationships and avail my resources in service to the community in which I live. I’m not someone simply seeking office. 

Read Aretta Baldon’s Q&A from the general election.

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